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Jul 1, 2023 - Jul 31, 2023

1000 Jump Rope a Day for the month of July

  • 31Days
  • 31Steps


This challenge is to get people moving....and of course have fun! Jumping rope is a great way to reduce weight and fat, improve upper and lower body strength, and rev up endurance. The goal is to be better at the end of July than you were at the beginning. If you are not able to complete 1000 jump ropes on the 1st, then maybe your goal is to be able to do so by the 31st. Or maybe reduce the amount of time you can jump 1000 in half!! Everyone's goals will look different; it's personal. I challenge you to create a goal to meet by the end of the month. Let this challenge be a catalyst to a better you. So let's goooooooo!!!!!

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